A little bit about us...

The Band was formed in 1983 and the following year they made a successful tour of Spain for the Association of Cultural Activities playing at the third International Jazz Festival at Alcala, Madrid.

They returned to Spain in 85,86,89 and 2001 and broadcast for both Radio Galicia and Television Galicia. They have since played at various Festivals both home and abroad. More recently they had the pleasure of having both the acclaimed pianist/clarinetist Butch Thompson and the cornetist Charlie Devore as their guests.The Quartet made a successful trip to play in Gien,France in August2002.

The bands repertoire relies on popular songs of yesteryear, rags, marches and spirituals with composers such as Handy, Joplin, Morton, Armstrong and Oliver much in evidence.

Current members of the Band areTim Newman, Roger White, Phil Wall, Ray Smith, Pete Middleton,and John Massey

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